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The Interface

WatchGameFilm provides a simple yet robust video player that functions well on most devices and web browsers.  Our video player was built using HTML5 and open programming standards.  All film is encoded as MP4 so that it can be universally streamed to an ever increasing market of devices and browsers.

When you first open the video player, you'll be presented with the default view. Below is a screenshot of the default view of our player. Keep in mind that only Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are the two web browsers fully supported in testing thus far.

Film Navigation

Navigating to your desired film has a new look. Below are some of the features found in the Film Navigation box located to the right of the video player and below the team name and logout button.

Menu Options

The controls at the bottom of the video player allow you to view the video in multiple ways.  Users can start or stop the video, seek a certain part of the film, view it in slow motion, loop a clip, apply instant replay and more.

Film viewing menu commands from left to right:


Click thebutton to open our Closed Captions feature. With Closed Captions, data from the columns you select will display at the top of the video player. See the image below for a visual.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard ShortcutAction
Space Bar KeyPause / Play Video Clip
M or m KeyMute / Un-mute Video Volume
I or i KeyInstant Replay
L or l KeyRepeat Video Clip
Up Arrow Key
Previous Clip
Down Arrow KeyNext Clip
Left Arrow Key
Right Arrow Key
Slow Motion Forward

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