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League Locker

League Locker is the perfect solution for league teams that need to trade film after every game in the season.  The League Locker is designed for proper league management of film and provides teams with access to all league games.  League Administrators are able to manage the Locker as well as block league teams from the Locker if they are not complying to League Exchange rules.  Teams Check-In their league film to the League Locker and other league teams are then able to Check-Out the film and watch it in their own Film Library.  This allows teams to access League Film any anytime without requiring constant individual exchanges.  League Locker works great if the league agrees that teams should see all games of their opponent.  

Please contact us if you would like to set up a League Locker on in order to exchange film.

How Do I Get a Film from the League Locker?

Follow these instructions when you are ready to check out a film from the League Locker:

  1. Select Exchange Film from the WatchGameFilm Dashboard
  2. Select League Locker from the Exchange list
  3. Select Get Film from League Locker
  4. Click on the Get link of the film that you wish to add to your team (see image below)
  5. A copy of the selected film will then be added to your Film List

Remember that your a checking out a copy of the League Locker film.  It will show up in your film list under the Exchanged Film category and will initially only have Coaches Only authorization.  You will need to change the film's authorization if you wish for your players to view the film.  You can also delete the film from your team since this is a copy of the film in the League Locker.  Only Locker Administrators are able to permanently remove film from the Locker.

How Do I Add a Film to the League Locker?

Follow these instructions when you are ready to add a film to the League Locker:

  1. Select Exchange Film from the WatchGameFilm Dashboard
  2. Select League Exchange from the Exchange list
  3. Select Add Film to League Locker
  4. Select the film from your film list that you wish to add to the League Locker (see 1st image below)
  5. A new page will then appear allowing you to modify your film information (see 2nd image below)
  6. Select the league team from the list of teams that you played this game against
  7. Once you are ready, hit the Add Film to League Locker button to add your film to the Locker

The film will instantly be copied into the League Locker and will be listed under both your team and your opponent's team.

IMPORTANT! All league teams will IMMEDIATELY have League Locker access to this film and you will not be able to remove it from the Locker without the assistance of a League Locker Administrator.

Managing and Administrating the League Locker

The League Locker allows for the definition of League Administrators who are able to maintain the League Locker.  On the League Locker Settings page, League Administrators are able to lock teams out of the Locker if they break League Exchange rules (such as not uploading film or adhering to other league rules).    League Administrators are also able to delete film from the Locker (from the Get Film from Locker page) if it was improperly uploaded as well as re-categorize or rename film so that it is readable to other teams in the league.

Administrators may need to contact coaches to discuss which films were uploaded to the locker and which films are missing.  You can select Contact League Team from the League Exchange tab and communicate with the coaches from another league team if you do not know their email addresses.

IMPORTANT! Leagues will need to contact us in order to add someone as a League Administrator.

Note: League Locker is designed to provide a film to All Teams in your league by storing it in a common league library.  If you want to send the film to a specific team in your league without other league teams seeing the film; we recommend that you use League Exchange.

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