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League Exchange


League Exchange is designed for teams who are in leagues that do NOT share all of their league film with each other. This may include leagues that have specific exchange rules such as trade the previous game with your upcoming opponent as well as leagues that have no exchange rules and the coaches trade film with each other on an as-needed basis. The League Exchange feature allows two teams within the league to directly trade film with each other without giving all of the other league teams access to the traded film. Please contact us if you would like to set up a League Exchange on WatchGameFilm in order to exchange film.

Instructions for Sending Film to another League Team

Follow these instructions when you are ready to exchange film with another league team using WatchGameFilm:

  1. Select Film > Exchange from the WatchGameFilm main menu
  2. Select the League Exchange tab
  3. Select the film from your list that you wish to send to another league team
  4. A dialog window will appear allowing you to modify your film information
  5. Select the league team from the list of teams in the Receiving Team box
  6. Once you are ready, hit the Send Film to Receiving Team button to make your trade

The film will instantly be copied into the receiving team's container and will be listed under their Exchange Queue.  A transaction of this trade will also show up in your Exchange Log as well as you User Activity Report.

IMPORTANT! The receiving team will IMMEDIATELY receive a copy of this film and you will not be able to recall this exchange once you click Send Film to Receiving Team.

How Do I Receive their Film?

League Exchange trades are based on good faith.  We do not hold your film back until their film is received.  You will need to contact the other team directly if you feel that they have not met your expectation on the film trade.  If the other league team has sent you a film from their film list, it will show up in your Exchange Inbox awaiting a coach on your team to post it to the correct spot in your team's film list.

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