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WatchGameFilm provides a simple and open way of exchanging film with opponents who may be using a different film management system such as Hudl.  We see many teams use Open Exchange when they get to the playoffs and are trading film with teams they normally do not know.  Open Exchange allows a coach to give another coach access to a film without requiring that coach to log on or use WatchGameFilm.

With Open Exchange you are in control and have the power to decide how you want to exchange film.  Since Open Exchange is 2 separate parts (Send and Receive), you may want to first receive their film before you send them your film.  Regardless of how you want the trade to go down, please follow the instructions below when you want to send or receive a film from another person who is NOT using WatchGameFilm.  

Please contact us if you need assistance in completing an Open Exchange with another coach outside of WatchGameFilm.

Receive Film from Opponent

Send Film using Open Exchange

The Open Exchange Send method allows you to select a film and then email it to a recipient outside of WatchGameFilm.  This email includes film information, the film download link as well as your comments about the film and our instructions that the recipient needs in order to access the film.  You will be cc'd on this email and your transaction will be logged in Exchange History as well as User History.

Follow these instructions to give your trading partner access to a specific film without giving them access to your team:

  1. Select Film > Exchange from the WatchGameFilm main menu
  2. Click the Open Exchange tab
  3. Select the film from your list that you wish to send to someone NOT using WatchGameFilm
  4. A dialog window will appear allowing you to modify your film information and specify who to send the film to
  5. Once you are ready, click the Send to Recipient button to deliver your film to them
  6. An automated email will be sent to the Recipient that will contain film instructions and the download link for the video.  You will be cc'd on this email as well.

Important! You cannot retract this email or film download link once it is sent.  Instead, you will need to delete the playlist from your team to make the link invalid.

What if I need to Send to Multiple Recipients?

You will automatically be cc'd on the email that is sent to the recipient.  Open Exchange is designed to send to only ONE recipient at a time.  If you need to send to multiple recipients, we suggest that you do this with WatchGameFilm submitting the film for each recipient.  If this is a hassle, you could forward the Open Exchange email in your email client and send to others from there.  Note that if you send an email outside of WatchGameFilm, you will NOT have a record in the Exchange History log.

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