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What We Are & Are Not

Dear Potential or Current Customer, 

Thank you for viewing this page. This is a short corporate values, product positioning memo for you to see if we are a good fit for each other and if a business relationship between us is a win-win for both of us. I want to spend a couple of minutes explaining who we are and what we are about in order to save time down the road, for both of us, by communicating our product value and position correctly.

What We Are

A team that values a dollar. As with most people in the world, all of us have to work, manage our money and cover our expenses. Our company understands the importance of managing non-essential expenses related to amateur sports. We would rather see you invest your money into better sports equipment, coach education, health and safety, facilities, etc. While film management is important to game preparation as well as fun for fan viewing, it is not required or considered an essential part of amateur sports. We want to ensure that you can purchase a game film system that covers all of your film and all of your users for $100 or less thus allowing you to spend your hard earned dollars on more important items for your team.

A small, hungry company. We respect you, the customer, as well as your needs, concerns and interests relating to sports and game film. We want to earn and keep your business. We listen to our customers, respect the importance of their feedback and want to always be honest and upfront with them. We have implemented feature requests for customers in as little as 24 hours and we have also been honest with customers and told them we couldn't accept their request so that they could have an opportunity to decide whether to stay with us or move to another service. Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are what drives us to improve. Our size and flexibility allows us to quickly adapt as well as listen to what your are saying. We are in our 15th year of business and have seen a lot of changes in the industry. We have a clear understanding of what our community wants and how they want to see us grow in the coming years.

A real partner. Joe Kirsch, Owner, CEO, Lead Developer, cell: 425.591.5889. Are any other vendors willing to post that kind of information? Our staff wants to do what's right for both you the customer and us the product. We want to see a satisfied client as much as we want to see a perfect product. And as we know, sometimes it takes time, commitment and personal interaction to become a real partner. Your success as an organization or team is what is most important to us. While we are not your next door neighbor, we want you to know that we can be reached and we will respond. However, it is important to note that our CEO responds to SMS texts instead of cell phone callbacks. :-)

What We Are Not

The be-all end-all. We are firm believer's in the Pareto Principle, more commonly known as the 80-20 Rule. This rule states that 20 percent of the inputs or activities are responsible for 80 percent of the outcomes or results.  We understand that we will never have the time, energy or resources to be everything to everyone. Our belief is that we can satisfy 80% of the world and we will work as hard as we can to do that for the customers that are part of our community. But the remaining 20% may not ever come on board with us. We are ok with that. Supporting our userbase and satisfying their needs is our only concern.

Bloatware. One of our favorite phrases is "less is more". Similar to the be-all end-all statement, the more feature-rich a software product becomes, the more complex and bloated it gets. Less is more, 80-20. We want to be fast, efficient and seamless. We want to generate a smile on your face when you see a page load instead of a frown because you are only seeing an hour glass. Our goal is to always stay thin.

Arrogant & Corporate. We don't know better than you. While we may have more experience in managing various aspects of game film, it is not our need we are filling. You are the customer and you have the need. We are not corporate and we do not track sales goals. We are a small group of "aged" techies who come from the software engineering side of business. Our behavior is to listen, provide a solution and then receive compensation for that solution. How many companies interact with you purely based on their sales goals?

Product Position

Simple. Affordable. As our website reads, "unlimited film... unlimited users... only $100 per year." Our service provides basic film management services including secure film viewing, play breakdown, film exchange, video sharing, highlight creation, user reports and photo & document storage. Our pricing hasn't changed since we started back in 2008.

Film Exchange Common Denominator. Sports leagues are made up of a group of competing members who have different opinions on the "best" way to doing something. Some organizations cannot afford additional film management, exchange costs while others can afford top of the line products. This disparity in both finance and product importance makes it difficult for all teams within a league to feel like they are being heard. WatchGameFilm allows your league to put a common denominator film exchange platform in front of every team for $100 or less. This is a price that all teams can afford to cover. This common denominator solution allows teams to decide if they want to use WatchGameFilm for all of their film needs or if they want to purchase a higher-end product, such as Hudl, for their team use while using the WatchGameFilm platform for all of their league film exchange.

A Fanbase Builder. We are a great way to run video for your team and provide secure game film access to parents, friends, fans and relatives who may not physically be in the area to watch your games live. Unlimited users and unlimited film allows you to get connected to your fanbase and satisfy them with a full catalog of recent and old games that they can enjoy watching at their leisure.  Our recently released Roku amateur sports streaming entertainment package will make your community love you!

The Right Fit for the Right Team. We are not the biggest kid on the block with the most advanced product. We do not provide in-depth play analysis, live stat tracking, etc. We provide the basics in film management backed up by an extremely affordable price tag. So are you the Right Team? After reading this far, you know if you are or not. You will either want to check us out and come on board or you will move on looking for something more tailored to your needs.

Thank you for reading this far. We sincerely appreciate the time you spent learning about us and we hope we have the opportunity to help each other out in the near future.


Our Team @