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Welcome to WatchGameFilm.  We continuously work to improve our platform.  Some things change, features get added (or in some cases removed) and product updates are often applied.  Our goal is to make it clear to you where certain features or bug related issues stand regarding our product.  Let us know if you have any questions regarding these updates or if you are experiencing a problem or need a feature request.

If you would like to help shape future product releases and want to be involved in the product design and build process, please contact to join our Early Adopter Program.

Release Status

 Date Area
 Aug 02, 2022 Add Film Implemented Add Film Wizard to manage all film upload and transfer processes
 Apr 28, 2022 Practice Plans, Add Film Practice Plan app, Transfer video from Google Drive and Transfer film from Hudl released
 Apr 18, 2022 Telestration Comments and Drawings issues resolved as well as Playbooks DLL error
 Apr 14, 2022 Playbooks Playbooks app released along with minor Calendar improvements and bug fixes
 Apr 11, 2022 History Properly track user login and show in History
 Apr 08, 2022 Calendar Released improved Calendar app and resolved Role Security issues and Exchange Film issues
 Apr 06, 2022 Platform Resolved SSL / HTTPS issue for Linux and older Android devices
 Apr 05, 2022 View Film Upload additional clips after a playlist is created. Resolved view clip bug.
 Mar 31 2022 Platform Released new website and application using latest Microsoft .NET Core technologies

Coming Attractions

 Feature Area
 Roku Channels TV Add-on support for Roku Channels
 Cloud Transfer Film Import film directly from the cloud without transferring to/from client device
 Transfer from Hudl Film Import film directly from a Hudl download link without transferring to/from client device
 Mobile Application Mobile View game film on iOS and Android devices using our custom built mobile application
 Multi-Angle Camera Film View and manager film from multiple camera angles
 Football Breakdown Film Enhanced film breakdown, tagging and statistics for Football

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