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Welcome to WatchGameFilm.  We continuously work to improve our platform.  Some things change, features get added (or in some cases removed) and product updates are often applied.  Our goal is to make it clear to you where certain features or bug related issues stand regarding our product.  Let us know if you have any questions regarding these updates or if you are experiencing a problem or need a feature request.

Early Adopter Community

If you would like to help shape future product releases and want to be involved in the product design and build process, please contact to join our Early Adopter Program or visit

Latest Product News

Product updates can be found on your WatchGameFilm team Dashboard once you log in or in our RSS feed located at

Latest Help Videos

We have created How To Videos (each under 2 minutes in length) for the most common used features of WatchGameFilm. They are listed in our Help pages under the feature they cover. All Help Videos can be found at