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Understanding Playlists

Playlist Overview

WatchGameFilm provides teams with playlists; which are data views of a film and its associated video clips.  When we refer to a film and its clips, we are referring to the physical index and video files stored on our server.  Playlists are data views that help you associate team data, i.e. our Tag-It! film breakdown, with your film.  Different playlist columns will appear based on the sport type of playlist that is defined; football, volleyball, etc. Playlists also allow you to tie film to specific events as Game, Scout, Practice or Training film.  Playlists can even be created using portions of multiple films that have similar characteristics; i.e. inside run or 2 x 2 formations.  Playlists allow teams the flexibility to manage their physical films and video clips without actually duplicating physical clips on the server.

Default Playlist

When you first create a film and upload the clips, a default playlist is named the same as the your film title and is accessed from the Film > Seasons main menu.  The playlist includes pointers to all of the video clips that were uploaded for that particular film.  Users are able to delete, move, update or copy playlists without affecting the underlying video files that are physically stored on the server.

Playlist Structure

Playlists contain the following properties:

Managing Playlists

On the playlist selection pages and also the view film page, user roles with appropriate security are allowed to manage playlists.

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