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League Locker Get Film

League Locker is a GREAT way to Exchange Film!

Please contact us if you would like to set up a League Locker on WatchGameFilm for your league.  

How Do I Get a Film from the League Locker?

Follow these instructions when you are ready to check out a film from the League Locker:

  1. Select Film Exchange Film from the left menu of WatchGameFilm
  2. Select Locker from the Exchange menu
  3. Select the Get Film from Locker menu item
  4. Select the film from the Locker that you wish to add to your team (see 1st image below)
  5. A new page will then appear allowing you to modify your film information (see 2nd image below)
  6. Once you are ready, click the Post Film to Team button to add the Locker film to your Film Tree

Remember that your a checking out a copy of the League Locker film.  It will show up in your Film Tree based on the Event and Category that you posted it to.  You can also delete the film from your team since this is a copy of the film in the League Locker.  Only Locker Administrators are able to permanently remove film from the Locker.

Select Film to Get from Locker

From your list of available Locker films, select the film that you want to get from the League Locker and add to your team.  Only the film record and video clips will be added to the Locker. Original playlist breakdown from this Locker film will NOT be added to your team and will NOT be available to you.

Post Selected Locker Film to Team

Unlike previous versions of WatchGameFilm, film received from the League Locker no longer gets directly posted to your Film List (i.e. Film Tree).  The selected Locker film must first properly categorize the film in your Film Tree.  You may want to tie the film to an upcoming game as Scout Film or maybe it was a your game that was filmed by your opponent, in which you would want to categorize it as a game in last week's event.

Posting a Film to your Film Tree from the League Locker is similar to how your would create a new film if you were uploading your own video.

  1. Once you have selected a Locker film, a new window will appear asking you if you want to change the Film Name and selecting the Film Type and Event that you want to assign to this film
  2. If the correct Event is not listed for this Film, you will need for first create an Event or Library
  3. Once the Event is created, select it from the drop-down and click Post Locker Film to Team
  4. A default playlist will automatically be generated for this new film and it will appear in your Film Tree based on the properties you set in this window

If successful, the window will return to your League Locker.  You can then navigate to your View Film tab to see the newly acquired film.

Exchange Log shows Locker Activity

WatchGameFiilm keeps a record of your League Locker transactions.  Just click on the Exchange > Exchange Log menu item to see which films were added and pulled from the League Locker.

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