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WatchGameFilm Connect Seller Addendum

Last Updated: January 1, 2019

This WatchGameFilm Seller Addendum is a part of WatchGameFilm's (WGF’s) Terms of Service and sets forth the terms and conditions by which you may offer content and services for sale on

  1. WatchGameFilm Connect.

    1. Eligibility. To sell content and services through WatchGameFilm Connect, you must use and maintain a WGF account that permits such monetization.
    2. Selling Options. For title-by-title sales, you may select: (a) the purchase options (rent or buy); (b) the retail price(s); (c) the rental period (rental only); and (d) the distribution territory. For subscription sales, you may select: (a) the subscription period; (b) the price per subscription period; and (c) the distribution territory. When you add a new video to a subscription series, it will automatically become available for viewing by subscribers.
    3. Limited License. You hereby grant WGF the right and license to reproduce, distribute, transmit, sublicense (to end users for their personal viewing), transcode, publicly perform and exhibit, and otherwise exploit and promote your service or offering through WatchGameFilm Connect in accordance with your choices. You also grant WGF the right (but not the obligation) to use and authorize others to use your name(s), likeness(es), biographical material(s), or voice(s), as contained in the content you upload, in any media for the purpose of promoting your videos or series.
    4. License Period. The above licenses will continue so long as you offer content for sale. If you remove your service or offering, WGF (a) will cease offering it for sale to new viewers; and (b) may, in its discretion, continue to make the content available to those users who previously purchased the content or provide full or partial refunds to such persons.
  2. Economics.

    1. Connect Partner Revenue. You are entitled to 100% of Revenue from your Sales (“Connect Partner Revenue”); WGF only requires a nominal annual developer fee for access to our API.
    2. Payment Terms. All payment terms are between the Connect Partner and the WGF Subscriber. WGF is not responsible for the transaction made and has no obligation to pay Connect Partner or WGF Subscriber with respect to any transaction that is subject to a refund or chargeback. WGF has the right to suspend any Connect accounts that have the appearance of  fraud or other illegality.
  3. Taxes.

    1. Income Taxes. Income taxes are solely the WatchGameFilm Connect Partner's responsibility. WGF may file reports concerning income with any taxing authority, including the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.
  4. Violations. WGF shall have no obligation to pay Connect Partner with respect to any content, service or conduct that violates WGF’s Terms of Service, and you must repay to WGF Subscribers who purchased your services any amounts you have received with respect to any such violation. WGF may suspend, limit, or disable WatchGameFilm Connect sales at any time for any violation of our Terms of Service.