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Using Mobile Devices


Our product team at WatchGameFilm is currently building the best native mobile application we can.  It will be made available at no additional cost on the App Store for Android, iOS and Windows 10 in the coming months.  In the meantime, we have developed a simple web application designed specifically for mobile phones and small table devices.  

Preview 1

Preview 1 of our mobile web application is our first release to the WatchGameFilm community.  It allows you to do the following: 

Signing into mobile web application

You can attempt to sign into our application at or  If we detect your device as a mobile phone or small screen tablet, we will redirect you to where you can properly view your film using a small screen device. 

If you want to use mobile web application on a larger device such as a desktop, laptop, iPad, etc. you can log into the mobile web application at:

The sign-in window along with resend my password is exactly the same as our normal web application located at

Switching Teams and Selecting Film

Once you have signed into the WatchGameFilm mobile web application, you are shown a simple version of our dashboard.  If you are part of more than one team, you can switch teams here.  Otherwise, click on the View Film button to access your Film Tree.

The Film Tree works the same as our desktop web application however it is not part of the View Film page in our mobile web application.  Expand the film tree until you see the film you want to view.  Select the film and the mobile web application will show the video player along with the available clips for the selected film.

Viewing Film

After you have selected a film to view, the video player will appear.  It is a two-tabbed page that lets you toggle between the video player and the video clip list.  On the video player, you can use the same basic player navigation that is on the desktop web application.  We have minimized the clip list while still allowing you to search or filter on our video clips.

Full Screen

Click on full screen (bottom right button on video player) and view in landscape mode to maximize your video display.

Current Issues

The release is called Preview 1 because it is our very first release.  It was designed to allow our community to properly access video on their phones, but it is not our permanent mobile phone solution.  We are currently building a native mobile application designed to run on iOS and Android devices.  While we may add features to the current web mobile application on an as requested basis; this mobile web application is simply designed to view film.

Some of the following bugs and shortcomings are as follows:

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