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New Menu Layout

We have modified the interface to make it easier to quickly access the functionality that you need.  All menus are separated and grouped into the appropriate category or function.  The Film menu provides all of your video functionality in one easy to use menu system.  Always know where to go to view, upload, download and exchange film.

We have also categorized additional product features or modules.  We now call them Apps.  Coaches and users can quickly jump to these modules under the App menu.  They included Team Calendar, Messenger, Highlights, Playbook Manager (1XL add-on, included in 2XL), Statistics Manager, deeper integrated Documents and Photos and more.  Our Connect Store will soon included additional 3rd party product integration!

Our new menu design also simplifies managing your WatchGameFilm team.  Users can modify their contact info, reset passwords, change themes and more.  Coaches can add/remove users, modify team settings, renew their subscription as well as monitor team activity using History.

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