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Often in leagues, coaches would like to contact the other team to work out an Exchange agreement; however, they do not know the contact info of the coaches on the other team.  

Our Contact League Team feature is designed to do just this. A coach from one team can send an email to all of the coaches and administrators on the other team. The sender will be cc'd on the email message and the coaches and administrators from the other team will be listed as the email recipients. Once the email is sent, WatchGameFilm logs the message and it is up to both teams to work out their agreement through email or another communication avenue. WatchGameFilm is designed to introduce both parties to each other but is not meant as being the official communication channel throughout the conversation.

Instructions for Contacting another League Team

Follow these instructions when you are ready to contact another team in your league using WatchGameFilm:

  1. Select Exchange from the WatchGameFilm main menu
  2. Select Contact League Team from the Exchange menu
  3. Select the league team from the drop-down (see image above)
  4. Enter your message that you would like to send to them
  5. Once you are ready, hit the Send Message button to make contact

WatchGameFilm will then send an email on your behalf to the administrators and coaches of the other team and will cc you in the email.  It will be your responsibility to take over the continued communication from there.

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