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Our Playbooks application is designed to be simple and easy to use for all members of your team.  Many coaches create their playbooks using a favorite website or playbook application or even using software such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Word.  Most applications and websites allow you to export your playbooks as PDF which you can then upload into WatchGameFilm.  Once uploaded, teams can index their playbook making it easy for coaches and athletes to search for specific plays or phrases.

Our approach to the Playbook application is to be as open and possible, allowing you to upload many playbooks to your team and breaking them down in a way that is useful to you.  In addition to offensive plays, most playbooks contain play call vernacular, schemes, defensive formations, etc.  Uploading your playbooks to WatchGameFilm allows you to distribute your playbook to your coaches and players as well as attach specific playbook pages to your film so that your team can better understand what you are trying to convey on film.

Benefits of the Playbooks application

Add New Playbook

Upload any PDF playbook from the toolbar "kebab" menu (3 vertical dots):

  1. Select Add New Playbook to open the playbook upload window
  2. Provide a name for your playbook
  3. Select the PDF file from your device
  4. Once selected, the playbook will be automatically uploaded
  5. Click Save to add this playbook to WatchGameFilm

Rename Playbook

Click Rename Playbook from the toolbar "kebab" menu (3 vertical dots):

  1. Provide a new name to call this playbook
  2. Click Rename to save your changes

Delete Playbook

Click Delete Playbook from the toolbar "kebab" menu (3 vertical dots):

  1. Click Delete to remove this playbook from WatchGameFilm
  • Important!  This action is permanent and cannot be undone!

Index Playbook Pages

All playbook pages are initially titled by their page number.  To index a playbook page, navigate to the page that you would like to index.

  1. Click on the Edit button (pencil) to the right of the Page Title
  2. Enter a new name that you would like this page called
  3. Click the Save button to the right of the Page Title
  4. The page is now indexed and can be searched
Search Playbook

There are multiple ways to search your playbook.  To search by Page Title:

  1. Click the Page Title drop down on the toolbar
  2. Enter your phrase that you want to search Page Title on
  3. The drop down will quickly filter all Page Titles based on your phrase

If your playbook has actual text in the pages, you can word search the file:

  1. Click the magnifying glass or the binoculars on the viewer
  2. Enter the word or phrase you want to search for
  3. The viewer will provide any results that meet your criteria