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Team Details

General information can be found on your Team page.  This information is available to all members of your team and allows staff to know who is listed as the owner of their WatchGameFilm team. It also displays helpful details such as how many films are tied to their team and how much storage is used.  If any of this information is incorrect or if you need to change the team owner, please contact support at

Team Details also allows a coach or administrator to define when their season starts as well as the color of their team. The Team Details page can be found by selecting the Settings > Team main menu.

Month Season Starts

The Month Season Starts setting allows you to configure how you want to group your film in Current Season as well as breakdown your statistics.  WatchGameFilm treats the Season Starts property the same way as an accountant treats the Fiscal Year.  Simply tell us what month to begin tracking a season and WatchGameFilm will calculate and catalog every season automatically.  

For example, if you said your season starts in February, then under the current season folder in Film > Watch, all film that is from this past February to this upcoming February will show up in the Film List.

Important! Do NOT select the month when your games begin.  Select the month following; when the last season is officially done.  Example: a fall football program might run their current season to the end of December and start their new season in January, even though their first game is not until August.  By selecting the month of January as the Season Start month, this allows the team to categorize all film going forward (strength training, spring game, summer practices, etc.) to be applied to the correct folder.

You can change the Season Start month as often as you would like.  It will only re-categorize the film showing in the Film List as well as recalculate the season statistics.  This feature is available only to coaches or administrators of the WatchGameFilm team and is not available to Parents or Athletes.  Changing this value is global meaning it changes for all members of the team.

Select Team Color

Coaches or Administrators are able to define the Team Color for WatchGameFilm.  This color is displayed in the banner, row selection, default buttons and other areas of the application.  The color selected here is set for all members of the team so that when they log in, they will see the same color as defined on the Team Details page.  To change the color of your team, select a new color from the Team Color dropdown box.  The selection change will be saved and the page will immediately change color so that you can visually see the result.

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