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With our Roku TV package, WatchGameFilm teams can have a custom created channel for their team, school, club or league that is 100% branded with their colors and logos.  Multiple teams can be part of a single Roku channel allowing schools or clubs to have one spot for parents, relatives and fans to go and see their favorite teams play. All film is streamed from WatchGameFilm and teams have 100% control of which films they want to push to their Roku channel.

Once your channel is published by Roku, your fanbase can simply search using their TV and add your channel to their Roku dashboard.  You will be able to send out an official Roku link containing channel details of your team; giving you a professional look and allowing Roku users to add your channel to their Roku device.

For more information or to purchase your Roku channel, please contact or text 425.437.3777.