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Getting Started

Once you have purchased your Roku channel, the WatchGameFilm staff will need to create your Roku channel, configure it and then publish it to Roku.

In order to build your channel, we will need the following items from you:

We will also work with you to determine what the Roku channel categories will be.  This is essentially a way of grouping videos on your channel.  Some schools group by sport, others group by level and still others group by team name.  There are some limitations on what Roku allows and we will work with you in a satisfactory manner that pleases you and still meets Roku specifications.

In addition to configuring your Roku channel categories, we will also add any additional teams that you want to be part of your channel.  Adding teams to your channel allows them to publish film from their WatchGameFilm Film Library to your Roku channel.  WatchGameFilm teams can only be assigned to one Roku channel.  The team acquiring the Roku channel is the Anchor team and is considered the owner of the Roku channel.