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Adding Film

Once your Roku channel is configured and published, you can begin to push film to it.  Under the Film menu of your WatchGameFilm team, you will see a Roku option.  Select this menu option to display your Roku page within your WatchGameFilm team. A Roku film grid will appear.  This will show all of the film that is currently published to your Roku channel.

To add a film to your Roku channel, click on the Add Film button located on the toolbar just above the film grid.  A dialog will appear allowing you to fill out the film details.

When you have completed your film information and reviewed it for typos and completeness, click the Add Film to Roku button to publish it to your channel. Note that the Roku publishing process may take up to 72 hours!

Click on Edit Film Properties if you need to change or update information about the film.  WatchGameFilm allows you to change the video properties that Roku allows you to modify.  If you need to change the actual video, you will need to delete this film from your Roku channel and add the new video as a separate Roku film.  To delete a film from your Roku channel, simply click the Delete button on the toolbar above the Roku Film grid.