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Adding Highlights

The first step for a coach, athlete or parent when making highlights is to define what highlights you want to add to your highlight work space.  When watching film in WatchGameFilm, users can define a highlight at any time by clicking on the Highlight or Star button on the video player.

The Add Highlight button displays a popup window that allows you to define a specific clip to add to your highlight work space.   Users can specify a snippet of the desired clip or they can simply use the entire clip.

To Add a Highlight:

Once you have added a Highlight in WatchGameFilm, the clip is processed and copied to your highlight work space within minutes.  Your work space allows you to have a permanent copy of the video clips that you created.  This way, if the coach deletes the film or modifies it in any way, you still have the original segment that you created in Add Highlight.

To view a list of your Added Highlights:

  1. Click on the Highlights button (Star) on the main menu on the left of the page
  2. From the My Highlights drop-down menu, select Create Highlights
  3. All clips that you Added as Highlights in the View Film page will be displayed here
  4. This page is what we call your highlights work space

Check out Creating a Highlight Film to learn how to create a highlight video using the clips from your highlight work space.

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