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Creating a Highlight Film

Once you have added highlights to your work space, you can then select specific highlight clips to put into your highlight video as well as determine the order of those clips.  WatchGameFilm also allows you to add a cover page to the front of your video.

Step 1. Selecting Highlight Clips

To begin creating a highlight video:

  1. Click on the Highlights button (Star) on the main menu on the left of the page
  2. From the My Highlights drop-down menu, select Create Highlights
  3. All clips that you Added as Highlights in the View Film page are displayed here (we call this the highlights work space)
  4. If no clips are displayed in your work space, you must first add highlights to your work space
  5. Select all of the clips you want to add to your highlight film by clicking on the check box to the left of the clip name
  6. Once you have selected your clips, click the Next button on the toolbar below the video player

From the toolbar, you can permanently delete a highlight clip if you do not want it in your work space anymore.  We recommend using caution when deleting a clip because you may be unable to add that clip to your work space again if the coach has deleted the original film or revoked access.

After you have selected the highlight clips to include and pressed the Next button on the toolbar, you will be presented with the Build Highlights page.  This page allows your to order the list of highlight clips in your video to determine which clip plays first, second, third, etc.  

Cover Page

We have also included a cover page form to allow you to add a title and other important information regarding your video.  The cover page displays as the first frame of your video and remains for 5 seconds before playing your highlight clips.  We have provided default values for your cover page that you can overwrite with your own information.

Step 2. Building your Highlight Film

To begin creating a highlight video:

  1. Drag each highlight clip in the grid up or down to put them in the correct play order for your highlight video
  2. Complete the cover page form to provide the information that you want displayed at the beginning of the film
  3. Important: Click the Preview button on the toolbar for a quick view of how the highlight video will look when it is built
  4. Once you are satisfied with the highlight video that you have prepared, click the Build button on the toolbar to physically create your highlight film for others to see

Note: All highlight videos built are initially available to the public thru WatchGameFilm.TV.  If you do not want the public viewing the highlight film or if you want to email or share your video on social media, see Sharing your Highlights.

Tip: Preview Before Building your Highlight Film

Once a highlight video is built in WatchGameFilm, it cannot be edited.  The individual clips in the highlight work space are copied and merged into a single video along with the cover page.  To make sure that you are 100% confident about the contents of your video, we recommend that you first Preview the video and watch it.  The Preview video option allows you to see what the complete highlight video will look like before you physically build the video.  This way you can quickly change the cover page details, re-order the clips or select/remove additional clips.  The Preview option sames time and effort and helps you to publish complete high-quality videos.  

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