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Upload Film from Device


Before you can begin to upload video clips from your device, you must first Add a New Film

Once you have created a film and selected Upload from Device as the method for adding film, a dialog window will appear asking you to select the files from your computer.

Select the files from your local device that you want to upload for this film.  WatchGameFilm will show all of the files you selected along with their order and file size before you begin your upload.

Once you have the files listed that you want to upload, click the Upload button to begin transferring these video clips from your device to our WatchGameFilm servers.  WatchGameFilm will display your Dashboard and the WatchGameFilm Upload control will minimize in the bottom right corner of your team allowing you to continue to use WatchGameFilm while your film is uploading.

Click on the expand icon on the WatchGameFilm Upload control to get a more detailed view on the file transfer progress.

When uploading your film, make sure to wait for the upload to complete before logging out of WatchGameFilm or closing your web browser. Exiting before the film is completely finished uploading will result in your film failing to upload to WatchGameFilm.

Understanding Film Upload

Upload Errors

If your upload is stopping before completion, it is most likely happening because your computer is going into "sleep" mode during your upload.  Uploads can take up to a few hours depending on your upload bandwidth and the amount of data you are transferring.  Change the sleep timer on your computer to be longer than the upload to avoid this problem.  If you are sending files that are too large, we also recommend to record your games using a lower video quality setting in order to lower the file size of your videos which will in turn shorten the length of upload time.

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