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Transfer Film from Hudl


WatchGameFilm can accept film transfers from Hudl.  This is a quick and advantageous way to transfer film into your team as it does not require you to first download film from Hudl to your device and then upload it again to the WatchGameFilm servers. All you need is the Hudl download link of the film. 

However, before you can begin to transfer video clips from Hudl, you must first Add a New Film.  For the Film Source, select Hudl  You will then see a dialog allowing you to enter the Hudl download link that you received in email from Hudl or from your opponent.

  1. Provide your share link which will look similar to this: 
  2. Click anywhere on the dialog to validate.
  3. The checkmark icon should show that the link has been validated
  4. Once validated, click on the Upload button to list the video clips found from the Hudl URL

WatchGameFilm will then begin the transfer process and your film will be available shortly.


Understanding Hudl Transfer

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