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Add Film Wizard


Add video to your WatchGameFilm team in various ways:

  1. Upload video from local device
  2. Transfer video from a cloud service such as Google Drive
  3. Transfer film from an active Hudl Download link

Preparing to Upload or Transfer Film

WatchGameFilm accepts both film clips and full-length film for the upload or transfer process.  Since most cameras create separate video files (clips) each time the camera starts and stops recording, the easiest method of upload is to upload the individual clips directly to us.

Some teams however decide to leave the camera running and start and stop the recording only at the end of play (for example a quarter, period, half or game). This results in very large clips in both file size and film length. When recording non-stop, teams will lose the ability to individually tag clips or plays so that users can filter the video to watch specific clips such as pass plays, defense, etc.

While WatchGameFilm does offer the ability to splice a video clip; it is intended to split a full-length game into halves or quarters as well as for players to splice out a highlight from a very large file. It is not practical in our design to splice a full-length game that is a single clip into dozens to hundreds of individual plays. Thus, we recommend that for the best use of WatchGameFilm, teams upload their games as individual play clips so that their coaches and players can work with the film easier.

Add Film Wizard

To add film to your team, from the main menu select Film > Add. We have implemented a simple and easy to use wizard to guide and help you get your film into WatchGameFilm as quick as possible.  The first step is to select the source of the film that you want to add to WatchGameFilm and the click Next .

Based on your selection, WatchGameFilm will navigate to one of the following options:

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