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Upload Film

Preparing to Upload

WatchGameFilm accepts both film clips and full-length film for upload.  Because most cameras create separate video files (clips) each time the camera starts and stops recording, the easiest method of upload is to upload the individual clips directly to us.

Some teams however decide to leave the camera running and start and stop the recording only at the end of play (for example a quarter, period, half or game). This results in very large clips in both file size and film length. When recording non-stop, teams will lose the ability to individually tag clips or plays so that users can filter the video to watch specific clips such as pass plays, defense, etc.

While WatchGameFilm does offer the ability to splice a video clip; it is intended to split a full-length game into halves or quarters as well as for players to splice out a highlight from a very large file. It is not practical in our design to splice a full-length game that is a single clip into dozens to hundreds of individual plays. Thus, we recommend that for best use of WatchGameFilm, teams upload their games as individual play clips so that their coaches and players can work with the film easier.

Create an Event or Library

WatchGameFilm requires every film to be tied to an Event or Library.  An Event is a specific sports event that Game, Scout and Practice film is tied to; for example: Game 1 vs Cubs.  A Library is a grouping of videos that are not directly tied to a sports event; for example: safety videos, educational videos, technique examples, etc.

To create an Event or Library in order to upload your film, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the left sidebar and click Configure Team, represented by theicon
  2. Select either the Event tab or the Library tab depending on the type of film you want to upload
  3. Select + New Event or + New Library and then enter your information
  4. Click Save changes to create this Event or Library

Select Upload Film

Now that we have created an Event or Library, we can begin the process of uploading film.  The following steps will show you how to upload film on WatchGameFilm.

Step 1. Create New Film Record

Before uploading video clips, we must first create a film record to associate the clips with.  You must complete the following fields before you can upload film.

  1. Film Title: Provide the name of your film
  2. Film Sound: Determine if you want to keep sound or remove it from your video.  By default, sound is removed.
  3. Upload Speed: Select if your connection is a Fast Internet Connection or a Slow Internet Connection.  
    • If you select Fast Internet Connection, the upload data is sent in larger network packets.  This makes for a quicker upload, however, it is less stable as the handshakes between the client and server are further apart.  
    • Select Slow Internet Connection of your connection is not stable.  Data is sent in smaller packets thus creating more handshakes between the client and the server.  This increased chatter keeps a constant connection allowing all of the data to be transferred.
  4. Film Type: Select if your film is a Game, Scout or Practice film or if it is a Library related film.  The Event will change based on your selection.
  5. Event: Select the Event that you want to associate this film with.

When you have completed your New Film record, click the Create Film button to save your record and begin uploading your video clips.

Step 2. Upload Video Clips

Now that you have created a Film record, you can select the video clips from your computer, tablet or phone that you would like to upload.

  1. Click the  button to open a Select File dialog and select the video clips that you want to upload
  2. All of your clip(s) will be displayed in a list before you begin the upload process
  3. Confirm that the video clips are in the correct order and then click the button
  4. WatchGameFilm will begin uploading the clips to our server

Important: When uploading your film, make sure to wait for the site to take you back to the screen shown below. DO NOT close the upload tab until you are returned to the screen shown below, even if the upload bar says 100%. This is because even though the bar says 100%, the film isn't completely finished writing the files to our server.  Exiting before the film is completely finished uploading will result in your film failing to upload to WatchGameFilm.

Understanding Film Upload

Upload Errors

If your upload is stopping before completion, it is most likely happening because your computer is going into "sleep" mode during your upload.  Uploads can take up to a few hours depending on your upload bandwidth and the amount of data you are transferring.  Change the sleep timer on your computer to be longer than the upload to avoid this problem.  If you are sending files that are too large, we also recommend to record your games using a lower video quality setting in order to lower the file size of your videos which will in turn shorten the length of upload time.

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